About the OBBA

The purpose of the OBBA is to form a strong network to defend the history and rights of barber and beauty professionals. OBBA members and volunteers unite to advocate for barber and beauty professionals in the state government, raise awareness of threats to the industry, and educate all our industry professionals. The OBBA also serves as a network to build community among barbers and beauty professionals, united under the common goal of preserving the industry and licensees. 

The OBBA is committed to protecting industry standards across the State of Ohio, including protecting current licensing requirements for barbers and cosmetologists. We believe that cutting educational hours poses a threat to public safety, degrades the dignity of our profession, and produces under qualified barbers and cosmetologists. We are pushing to maintain our high industry standards, to protect the interests of all beauty professionals, not just big salons and franchise owners. 

Becoming a member of the OBBA makes you a part of that fight to protect barber and beauty professional dignity. When you become an OBBA member, you will receive a weekly email update about industry news, as well as a monthly newsletter. We will also host networking events for beauty professionals, and provide forums (such as our Facebook page) for professionals to communicate.  Futhermore, we have organized and will continue to organize community engagement events, such as voter education drives.


At the OBBA, we believe in you. We believe in your ability to succeed in our profession, and we believe that you have the power to exercise your voice in government to protect it. Most importantly, we believe that by coming together, we can protect our industry, while also strengthening our bonds within it. 

We hope you will join us in protecting our professions.


Knowledge is power. Stay informed. 

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The Ohio Barber and Beauty Alliance