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We know you work hard to support yourself and your family. The OBBA wants to make sure that hard work translates into fair salaries and opportunities. For that reason, we keep our membership fees to an absolute minimum. Membership is free for students. For individual licensees, memberships cost $12.00 annually. For business, memberships cost $19.00 annually. 


We provide a range of benefits to our members, aside from protecting their political rights within the state of Ohio. These include: ​

  • Networking support. We will provide you with a community of dedicated industry professionals through Facebook, and we will also host occasional networking events.

  • Information networks. We send out frequent news updates via email and through our Facebook page.

  • Community service programs. We organize events, such as voter registration drives, that will allow you to network with other professionals and to serve your community at large. Aside from political activism, many of our member organizations are rooted in community service, organizing events like free haircut drives to support those who could not afford the services otherwise. Reach out, and let us know if you are interested in receiving the OBBA's support for community service events.

  • Civic engagement support. We will help you register to vote, research your candidates, and keep you informed on the issues. 

  • Professional development programming. Do you need help editing your resume, building social media profiles, or expanding your business through marketing? Reach out to the OBBA for assistance! We have a consultant from Harvard University who has volunteered to remain on call to help you with any development needs you might have.

  • Connections with industry leaders. The OBBA is partnered with a number of schools, salons, barbershops, and professional development organizations. Membership will allow you to build relationships with Ohio industry leaders to advance your career and learn from individuals at the top of your field.. 

Sign up using the email form below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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