The OBBA is committed to advocating on behalf of all barbers and beauty professionals against special interests and powerful figures in government. We are working on your behalf to keep our industry professional and to protect your interests. 

Our OBBA board members have been going to Columbus every single month to monitor the monthly state baord meetinds to make sure that nothing is passed without our awareness and approval. We are watching the newly merged board closely to make sure that the members are following ethical codes, and we are reporting perceived violations of those codes. 

Alongside monitoring the board, we successfully campaigned and beat House Bill 189 in the last legislative session We called and emailed every single Ohio House Representative to urge them against supporting the bill, and we built relationships within the Ohio Legislature to prevent its passage. HB-189 was supported by chain salon owners who stand to profit off of decreased educational hours and low-skilled labor in the industry, including several members of our state board. HB-189, if passed, would have: 

  • Caused Ohio cosmetologists to lose reciprocity with 48 other states

  • Placed an extra 5000 to 8000 dollar burden per new hire on salons when two-thirds of all salons and spas in the state of Ohio currently employ less than five people and operate on a profit margin of less than 10%

  • Put ½ of cosmetology education in the hands of salons rather than professional instructors, burdening small salons and independent practitioners

  • Disadvantaged female professionals, who own 61% of salons as opposed to just 30% of all private sector businesses

  • Resulted in fewer qualified licensees because small salons cannot afford to shoulder the financial burdens of education

  • Posed a potential risk to consumer safety through less educated licensees

A similar bill is being introduced in the legislature this year, and we are continuing our fight against it. Check below to get involved.

Fight Back: Get Involved

In our fight against damaging changes to our industry, we need all of your help. Here is how you can make your voice heard and protect your profession:

  • Join the OBBA! Membership is completely free. The more members we have, the more negotiating power we have with the Ohio Legislature. All you have to do is provide your name and email below, and convince your friends to sign up as well! 

  • Sign our petition We need as many signatures as we can get to fight powerful special interests. The more signatures we have, the more votes representatives stand to lose if they vote in favor of the bill. Convince friends and family to sign as well!

  • Vote, vote, vote! Research your candidates for state representative, and look for their former positions on HB-189. If you don't have time or cannot find out if they support the bill or not, reach out to the OBBA! We will do the work for you!

  • Call or email your state representative and urge them to vote against HB-189 if it goes to the floor. This can have a huge impact, and it takes less than five minutes. You can find your representative, and their contact information, here. 

  • Go down to Columbus with other OBBA members to "babysit the board." Show the state board members who support HB-189 that we are not going away, and that they cannot degrade our industry without a fight. Please try to attend monthly meetings, especially if you are in the Columbus area. If you would like to carpool with other OBBA members, reach out to us, and we can coordinate that. 

  • Stay engaged with the OBBA! Like our page on Facebook, and sign up for emails below. 


Knowledge is power. Stay informed. 

Questions? Contact us!


The Ohio Barber and Beauty Alliance